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Farming... it's a livelihood, a way of life and means to support ones self and family. Many farmers enjoy what their way of life has to offer, the ability to be their own boss, to raise crops and livestock as our ancestors have for hundreds of years and to raise a family with a work ethic like no other. In any farming community there is a sense of pride and heritage that transcends generations. At Palmyra Farmers Mutual Insurance Company we strive to preserve that heritage by supporting farmers, their families and other individuals in the farming industry.

Our independent agents work side-by-side with farm owners to develop comprehensive policies that cover their specific farming operation's needs. We maintain an established base of agents who are experienced and knowledgeable in the area of Farm Insurance. They know the right questions to ask and understand the importance of performing proper investigative work in order to prepare an effective and thorough policy to cover your full farming operation.

At Palmyra Farmers Mutual Insurance Company we continually strive to live up to our name "Farmers" insurance company. As farming and its techniques develop, change and adapt so will the Farm Insurance policies we write. Our comprehensive and flexible coverage can include:

  • Livestock / Grain
  • Machinery
  • Outbuildings & Structures
  • Personal Property
  • Residence

Natural or unforeseen disaster can occur at any time, a strong risk management policy developed by one of Palmyra's professional agents is your best defense against unexpected damage and/or loss. The unforeseen can be unforgiving, protect your farming investment by being properly prepared in all ways possible; contact a Palmyra agent today to get your farm coverage in place.

Your house... it's much more than a structure with walls, a floor and a roof. Any house, or apartment, condo or seasonal dwelling for that matter, quickly becomes a home. And a home is your space, your place to relax, unwind, raise a family and make some of life's best memories. A home, in most cases, will be your life's single largest investment; be sure that you are taking all the appropriate steps to insure it properly.

At Palmyra Farmers Mutual Insurance Company we understand the importance of having a place you can call home. We also understand the impact of losing a home, which is why we have agents skilled in drawing-up comprehensive Home Insurance policies. Our Home Insurance includes:

  • Condominiums
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Seasonal Home Insurance

While insuring the structure itself is important, what's most sought after when disaster strikes is the belongings and personal possessions stored within the home. Fortunately, Palmyra can also develop comprehensive policies to cover treasured possessions and other items stored in your home. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Make sure to contact a Palmyra Mutual Insurance Agent to obtain the best insurance coverage possible.

Palmyra Farmers Mutual Insurance Company provides Farm and Home Insurance coverages to farmers and individuals in the *Southern Minnesota counties of: Blue Earth County, Brown County, Chippewa County, Kandiyohi County, LeSueur County, McLeod County, Meeker County, Nicollet County, Redwood County, Renville County and Sibley County.

*Palmyra Farmers Mutual Insurance Company does not provide insurance coverage in the City of Mankato, MN.